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Alex Litchfield

Alex Litchfield

Vice President of Business Development, Vix Technology
United States

Alex Litchfield brings more than 25 years of experience delivering solutions to the transit industry to his position as Vice President, Business Development.

Alex has a unique ability to connect with people of various skills and backgrounds at transit agencies, city and municipal governments, and Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs). He helps them understand how fare collection and intelligent transportation systems intersect to deliver comprehensive travel and mobility solutions to travelers.

He previously held positions with Bytemark, Cubic Transportation Systems, Conduent, CPI, and Mars Electronics. His past accomplishments include converting all major automated fare collection systems providers in North and South America to a new bill handling technology, requiring each to reengineer their ticket vending machines.

Alex holds a Master of Sustainable Transportation (MST) from the University of Washington, a program that includes instruction in environmental and economic sustainability, social justice, and social equity.