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Lilly Shoup

Lilly Shoup

Managing Director , Rebel
United States

Lilly Shoup is Managing Director of Rebel Payments, Mobility, and Insights based in Los Angeles, CA.  With a background in transportation policy and planning that spans public, private, and nonprofit sectors, Lilly works to structure partnerships to achieve community policy goals. She currently supports the California Integrated Travel Project or Cal-ITP improving trip planning and payments for California’s transit and shared mobility providers. Previously, Lilly was interim Executive Director of Urban Movement Labs, and worked as National Transportation Policy Director at Lyft, and as Policy Advisor at the US Department of Transportation and in the White House. Lilly has authored numerous national publications on the topic of national infrastructure policy; has been featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg, and CityLab; and is a regular speaker at conferences and events on the topic of sustainable mobility and innovation.