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Trevor Findley

Trevor Findley

Principal, Clevor Consulting Group
United States

Trevor Findley is the co-founder of Clevor Consulting Group, a boutique consulting firm based in Portland, Oregon, focused on bringing unparalleled technical talent to the transport industry. As a Principal with the firm, Mr. Findley helps transport agencies understand and adapt to the world of electronic payments by providing the knowledge and resources necessary to deliver truly innovative fare collection solutions.   

Mr. Findley has over 18 years of experience as a Project Manager and Solutions Architect in the design and implementation of electronic payment systems. He is an industry expert in transport fare collection, and specializes in the development and delivery of real-time payment processing solutions that integrate emerging payment technologies with enterprise-class financial management applications. Mr. Findley is currently supporting the delivery of cutting-edge fare collection projects in Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia, Chicago, Baltimore, and Minneapolis.

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