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Velocia is a Software as a Service (SaaS) rewards and loyalty platform specifically designed to partner with transit agencies and other mobility providers. We enable our clients to incentivize, subsidize and reward pre-defined rider behaviors, based on a pay-for-performance model once a designated behavior has been achieved and validated. This provides a no-risk return on investment (ROI) for transit agencies and other funding partners. Velocia also provides solutions for transit agencies to engage riders through surveys; to promote safety and cleanliness, improve system realignment outreach and transit planning, and dynamically promote new modes of transit. Further, our platform facilitates general transportation through a “mobility wallet”, enabling rider choice for redemptions while also automating guaranteed or emergency ride home services. In summary the Velocia platform can support transit agencies through:

· Rewards and Incentives for Behavior Change

· Mobility Wallet Management

· Transit Ambassador Program

· Public Outreach & Engagement for Planning

· Large & Special Events (MLB, NHL, NBA etc.)

· Traditional Marketing Analysis

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