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Keynote Panel Discussion; Evolving transit ticketing - what will the future look like?

17 Jun 2024
Theatre 1
  • Explore how emerging technologies like contactless payments, mobile ticketing and digital wallets are reshaping transit ticketing systems  

  • How can ticketing and fare policy be used to help meet agency or operator strategic objectives?  

  • How do we optimise ROI in ticketing? 

  • What substantial technological advancements will be applied to ticketing in the next 5 years and when will they be deployed in the field? Discuss the potential of AI-driven algorithms and data analytics 

Crissy Ditmore, Founder and President - Edgewise Network LLC
Steve Brar, CTO - Metrolinx
Carlos Cruz-Casas, CIO - Miami-Dade County
Elizabeth Smith, Chief of Staff - Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
Senior Representative - Visa
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