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Panel Discussion: Account-Based Ticketing - A wonderful opportunity or a major compromise?

17 Jun 2024
Theatre 1
  • Discuss how agencies can maximize the benefits of an ABT solution, and improve the passenger experience, without sacrificing key features that customers and staff have come to rely on.  

  • Address the complexities and hurdles that agencies and operators face when transitioning to ABT systems, including technical, financial and operational challenges.    

  • Examine the role of both closed-loop and open-loop payment options in modern ABT solutions  

  • Identify key considerations in developing and executing a successful ABT transition strategy with your solution provider. 

Trevor Findley, Principal - Clevor Consulting Group
Elizabeth Smith, Chief of Staff - Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA)
Kevin Boland, Chief – Digital Commerce - NJ TRANSIT
Steve Young, Business Development Director - Masabi
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