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Panel Discussion: Are reduced and free fares the golden ticket to increasing ridership?

17 Jun 2024
Theatre 2
  • Discuss how reduced and free fares can make public transportation more accessible to low-income individuals and marginalized communities, potentially increasing ridership among these groups 

  • Debate the long-term financial viability of implementing reduced and free fare programs, considering potential revenue losses and alternative funding sources to support increased ridership. Is fare capping an economically naïve approach?  

  • Explore how fare policies influence commuter behaviour and perceptions of public transportation, examining whether reduced or free fares alone are sufficient to drive significant increases in ridership. 

Deborah Wathen Finn, President - The Wathen Group
Alex Litchfield, Vice President of Business Development - Vix Technology
Maulik Vaishnav, Senior Deputy Executive Director, Planning & Capital Programming - Regional Transportation Authority
Sam Kaur, Manager, Revenue and Grants - Orange County Transportation Authority
Emma Huang, Senior Consultant - InfraStrategies
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